Wellness Provider Frequently Asked Questions

How does wellb help my business?

wellb is using its marketing abilities and technology to bring more business and exposure to each WP. Let wellb take care of the marketing while you take care of the clientele. wellb allows wellness providers to join the growing trend of on-demand services.

What are the fees for using wellb?

There are no fixed fees for Wellness Providers (WPs) or clients for using wellb’s platform. However, wellb will take up to 20% commission on any session that is booked through the wellb platform. Our philosophy is that we should only make money after we help you make money.

I specialize in a modality that doesn’t appear in the system. What do I do?

Please let us know (at info@wellb.me) and your service will be added as soon as possible.

How are payments to the Wellness Provider made?

On a bi-weekly basis, wellb is transferring the accumulated revenue of each WP to the bank account or venmo account that was provided.

Can any Wellness Provider join wellb?

wellb has a specific caliber in mind and is hand-picking WPs, to ensure that clients have a great experience every time they book a session. You must be 21 years old. In order to realize this vision, our team personally interviews every wellness provider, and collect qualifying documents such as professional certificates and insurance policies.

Are Wellness Providers considered wellb’s employees?

No. wellb provides marketing and collection services to the WP’s. Each WP is required to provide wellb with a Form W-9 (click here for more information).

Can I provide multiple, different services with different rates?

Of course. It’s up to the WPs to decide the rates of each of their services. wellb gives you the option to pre-set three levels of rates (Normal, Discounted rate and Special Discount).

A WP’s rates should include any applicable taxes and wellb’s commission.

wellb is great! How do I invite friends to wellb?

Thanks! You may send referrals through wellb’s website or use the mobile app which syncs with your contacts making it very easy to invite people you know.

wellb has a referral awards system in place. For every new referred client who uses the system, both you, the Wellness Provider, and the client get credit in the system.

Is there a minimal or maximal number of hours I can offer on wellb?

No. Each WP is free to use wellb as much or as little as he/she wishes. And once a time slot is added, it can easily be taken off (as long as it wasn’t already booked of course).

Who are the clients on wellb?

wellb is open to any client who is interested in wellness and a healthy lifestyle. When booking sessions, each client has to pay in advance, and once the session is booked, the client’s name and phone number will be sent to the WP.

Do I have to have liability insurance?

Yes, all WPs must have an adequate liability insurance policy, as required by law.

Could the clients sign a liability waiver?

Any WP may have clients sign a waiver when they meet. wellb does not require that.

Where do the clients meet with the Wellness Providers?

The WP may decide on a specific location for the session (for example, a clinic or home).

In addition, the WP may indicate that he/she is willing to make a house-call to clients that are within a certain distance from a set address.

Can the Wellness Providers link their social media pages, websites etc.?

Each WP may add a link to their Facebook page, an online video of themselves and an additional link to any other website or page to help with promotions. In the future wellb will allow adding links to more online profiles.

Why should I continue to use wellb once I was introduced a new client through it?

wellb is built on trust between it and the WP. wellb expects WPs to work through its system with new clients that were introduced to them. In case of fraudulent behavior, wellb reserves the right to block abusive users out of the system and with-hold pending payments.

wellb’s intention is that the use of our technology will make the entire booking process easier, more efficient, more convenient and therefor more lucrative, so you will want to continue to use it.

Once a session is done, how can I continue to set sessions with the same client?

At the end of a session the WP will get a notification from the app, suggesting setting a follow-up session. This can also be done later through the History page on wellb’s website.

Can a client book a package or several sessions at once?

This feature on wellb.me app will become available in the near future. Client can purchase packages via www.wellbexperiences.me.

I have a business, employing a few Wellness Providers. Can I join wellb?

For now, wellb only supports individual WPs. In the future, wellb will be available for businesses with a number of Wellness Providers.

Can I use wellb for virtual sessions?

YES. Virtual sessions are no different than physical sessions. wellb fully supports anything that helps reducing carbon emissions.

How does tipping work?

Tipping is not part of the payment procedure, however wellb is working on adding easy tipping to the mobile apps and website.

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